Centralized data archive

WeERP lets you collate and archive all relevant documentation of all employees, Company processes and policies. Everything, in one central space. No more hassles of locating forms and appraisal documents, when all can be kept secure in one robust digital archive. Aggregate forms and policies and employee specific documents; and its all available in a click.

Simple archive

Simple archive for all organization Policies and forms accessible to employees from anywhere.

Segregated records

Employee wise segregated records, pan organization.


Version control over updates in documents, forms and templates

Leave, Attendance and approvals, all in one go

You can configure and track employee leaves, approvals, Attendance, Time track etc. all from a single, intuitive platform. Enable Geo-fencing for your multi-location premises, custom configure shifts, manage employee attendance and generate reports. With WeERP, you can now manage leaves and allied processes of your entire organization using our native mobile app.

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing for multiple locations to track and monitor attendance

Leaves and Shifts

Manage and custom configure leaves, shifts and locations. Manage approvals on the fly.

Allied Processes

Allied processes like multi work week customisation, holiday and leave applicability customisation etc. also available.

Multi user, multi level access

Configure multiple access levels onto your ERP system and custom associate with multiple users. A fully customized access control, now with WeERP. Create Roles, Access Levels and permission protocols for individual users with ease.

Role based access

Create multiple roles and add custom access to each level of ERP.

View & Edit Customisation

Permission to Edit and view customisable via role allocation across all features and functions.

Easy Task allocation and tracking

Allocating tasks to teams or individuals, tracking their progress, achieving deadlines; was never so simple. Custom create teams, allocate Reporters and Assignees; Create, update and delegate tasks. All through a minimalistic yet robust task management system. All your team activity, now in one place with WeERP.


Create custom teams and projects and allocate users to create your Reporters and Assignees.


Create tasks, allocate users and monitor progress on the fly.

Status & Comments:

Keep your trail of communication and update status on each task and project respectively.

Customized Payroll Management

The last moment payroll processing are a thing of the past. Configure and process payrolls in a zap, customize compensation, integrate compliances; WeERP does it all. Create payroll compensation plan, customize earnings and deductions, implement compliance, monitor and track attendance with geo-fencing, generate monthly payroll. WeERP Cloud and Mobile applications work seamlessly for you to automated and simplify your Payroll Process.

Custom Compensation

Create custom compensation plans for your organisation and employees.


Implement compliance based deduction and contributions with ease.


Create reports, monthly payroll, reconcile records. Payroll was never so simple.

Vanilla, never had so many flavors

Customize and re-configure your system based on your needs. WeERP provides a simplistic cloud based ERP platform with capabilities for complete customization, scalability and integration with your favorite applications. Speak to our specialists today.

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